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  The Steve Rogers Countdown  -  Every Friday & Saturday at 9m - 10pm EST &      PST,  Sunday 7pm - 8pm.  Steve presents the top 10 songs of the week.  Make the Steve Rogers Countdown a weekly habit, lots of great music ; we know you'll enjoy the show. The best , you can take us with you on your smartphone, via The Tunein app or the Wunder Radio app. Get these apps in the Android Market or the App Store.

The Tamala Savage Show, every Sunday from 7:00pm - 8:00pm, and  on Monday evening at 7pm, Tamala brings relivent topics to the table with interesting guests who provide helpful information to listeners all around the globe. Make The Tamala Savage Show a weekly habit, you'll be glad you did!  

Real Talk, Real People, Real Issues!  Visit Tamala's Show Page to Listen to Shows You May Have Missed, CLICK HERE!

The New Music Show is where we introduce new music and new artists to the listeners at MotorCity Music Showcase Radio. The New Music Show is a great way to discover new music; the show airs every Friday @ 10pm EST, PST, Saturday @ 10pm EST, PST.

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NEW SHOW! Saturday @ 9pm EST
Al Walser Top 20
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